Drawing on experience from more than 120 solar thermal plant projects completed and in excess of 1,000,000 steel profiles rammed, we are skilled in providing a range of services associated with the installation of solar collector fields.


We can assist you with every link in the chain, and even take on project management responsibility for the installation of your solar collector field. Processes we are often involved in include:


  • Review of suggestions regarding the area and geometry of solar collector fields.
  • Contact with surveyors to identify the correct points for positioning pipework and steel profiles for solar collectors.
  • Contact with authorities, museums, etc.
  • General management of the construction site during establishment of the solar collector field, including the pipework contract.
  • Ramming steel profiles, using our own personnel and materials.
  • Tensile strength test of steel foundations, with the associated documentation.
  • Installation of solar collectors.
  • Interconnect the individual solar collectors together and connecting them to the pipe system, including delivery of flexible steel hoses, valves, expansion pipes, etc.
  • Glycol delivery and filling, completed and documented with analysed glycol samples.
  • Pressure testing and preparation for commissioning.
  • Deaeration and adjustment of system pressure.
  • Calculation and adjustment of balancing valves, including fine adjustment after two months of operation.
  • Safety and general organisation at the construction site.
  • Documented quality assurance.


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