Our goal is to provide first-class service based on our service technicians' many years of experience after installing more than 1.3 million m² solar collectors all over the world.





We can be involved in every step of the way: from the site to the finished solar thermal plant.
We have experience in each step of the process and can consult before, during, and after installation.

We connect your existing operation to the new solar thermal plant and ensure it is quickly and effectively commissioned.


Your plant is in safe hands when we are in charge of commissioning it.

First, we do a thorough walk-through of the plant to avoid any additional, expensive plant closures.
This is especially critical if the plant has stagnated, in which case the cause needs to be localized before being re-commissioned.


We perform all the kinds of service, repairs and renovating that a large-scale solar thermal plant could need.

Our service contracts give you security and stability while remaining simple and affordable.

An annual walk-through ensures the solar energy is always ready to perform at optimal levels.


Optimize your solar heating plant and maximize your output from the sun.

By implementing a dynamic service strategy, the result is often an increased yield when looking at an entire year's performance. By adjusting significant operation parameters, solar energy can be used to decrease expensive fuel alternatives.



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The Flexibility of Solar Heating

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Blenstrup district heating plant

2000 m² solar thermal plant ready for operation in the beginning of 2023.<br />More information will follow soon.

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